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Iveco DV celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Bolzano plant

by Paolo Valpolini

The facility in Bolzano that nowadays hosts Iveco Defence Vehicles HQ and main plant was inaugurated on 6 July 1937 by Mrs. Adele Lancia, as it was raised by Lancia which main plat were located in Turin. Initially a foundry, it soon became a comprehensive production facility, especially after WW II when beside the Lancia plant Officine Viberti created nearby a bodywork production plant.


In the evening of June 19th, during the annual dinner of the European Security & Defence Press Association, at the Lebanese restaurant Al Dar in the XVIth Arrondissement of the French capital the chairman of ESDPA, Joseph Roukoz, presented French Senator Daniel Reiner with a «souvenir» award to mark his constant and stalwart endeavour in support of the French Armed Forces through his key position in the National Defence Commission of the Senate.

French Senator Daniel Reiner (at right) pictured receiving a distinction gift from Joseph Roukoz, chairman of ESDPA on 19 June 2017. Senator Reiner who plans to retire by the end of this year has been a staunch defender of well managed French Defence budgets. (© J.-M. Guhl)

Going to retire by the end of this year, Senator Daniel Reiner of the Parti Socialiste (PS) has been for several decades the firm proponent of an increased budgetary effort in favour of the French Armed Forces with a permanent 2 percent line of the French national GPD devoted to defence spendings, including pensions and external operations (OPEX). Senator Reiner’s task will be maintained adamantly by his colleague Jacques Gautier (LR) with whom he has spent many years working in close cooperation.


DCI celebrates 45 years of excellence

By Olga Ruzhelnyk

On June 21, 2017, on the third day of the 52nd International Paris Air Show,  Défense Conseil International (DCI) invited us for a press conference at the DCI Chalet dedicated to the celebration of its 45th birthday. The conference was held by the CEO of DCI Jean-Michel Palagos with a presence of Deputy Director General Julia Maris, General Director of DCI-COFRAS Patrick Tanguy, Executive Vice-President Henri Rouby, Director of Innovations Armelle Le Veu Seroude, and Director of Communications Karine Leprêtre.


Russian Participation in PARIS AIR SHOW – 2017

The International Aerospace Exhibition «PARIS AIR SHOW – 2017» being held on June 19-25, 2017, at the exhibition complex in Le Bourget, Paris suburb. The organiser is company «Salon International de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace» (SIAE) – subsidiary company of the French Air Space Industry Association (GIFAS).


The DCI’s CIF-PM: A Training Centre of Excellence for underwater and special operations

By Luca Peruzzi

During a two-days (‘Training Days’) presentation event held on 23-24 May at Saint-Mandrier near Toulon in Southern France, the Dèfense Conseil International’s (DCI) NAVFCO naval arm presented the latest capabilities of its Military Diver Training (CIF-PM) Centre of Excellence to current and potential foreign operators. The Centre has recently extended its training courses portfolio on military diving, deep-sea interventions and mine warfare operations with the support of French partner companies, contributing with innovative equipment.