Renault Trucks Defense is upgrading its governance

As a century-old company in the land defence sector, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) is launching a new strategy and reorganizing its governance structure.

After a record year in terms of orders with contracts signed worth 1.9 billion euros and firm orders for over 600 million euros, RTD, a Volvo Group subsidiary, is renewing its strategy to continue its growth.

RTD has confirmed its position as a specialist in light and medium range land defence platforms. RTD is expanding its range of services beyond through-life support (TLS) and developing its systems operations, e.g. the small calibre remotely-operated turrets sector.

In addition to preparing innovative products for future major programs, RTD aims to continue with its international expansion based on its own products or by establishing partnerships.

The allocated roles of four structural cornerstones will be reinforced and expanded in order to effectively implement this new strategy:

Christian Cusset is in charge of Strategy and the Product plan in addition to his roles as Chief Financial Officer and IT Director of RTD. Mr Cusset has been part of the group since 1995 and graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Frédéric Gratien has been appointed Director of Operations. Mr Gratien is responsible for managing programs and contracts, purchasing, R&D, production, quality and planning. He was previously in charge of strategy and products, and R&D and launched various products such as the Sherpa and the Mark III armoured carrier. He joined the group in 1990 after graduating from ENI (Metz) engineer.

Jean-François Martin, Sales Director, oversees the commercial development of RTD in all markets. He joined RTD in 2017, graduated from INSA (Rennes) and can boast extensive experience in managing sales and marketing operations in the aeronautical and defence sectors.

The Division General (Ret), Pascal Vandenbussche, Director of customer support and services, is responsible for implementing many innovative projects in the fields of service and Through-Life Support. He joined RTD in 2013.